Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

JBL Quantum Days

Creating personal relationship

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of the modern marketing mix. Brands want to work with content creators who have already built up a strong online presence and credibility in their subject area. This enables them to present their products and services to the target group in an authentic way.

Our agency plays a key role in Influencer Marketing by forming the perfect link between the brand and the creator. From the careful selection of the right talent and campaign planning to contracting, content management and evaluation of the results.

Besides key figures such as reach, click numbers and ROI, a personal relationship between creator and brand is crucial for a successful cooperation. Authentic and credible communication can only be achieved if the creator conveys genuine enthusiasm for the brand to their followers. We therefore make sure that they have a good connection to our clients’ products and brand values from the very beginning turning them into real brand lovers.

In collaboration with our client JBL, we designed a special event to increases brand awareness and create shared experiences involving the creators, the products and the community, thus building a personal connection to the brand. Our agency managed the entire project – from the initial idea to conception, project management and realisation.

We launched the JBL Quantum Days to raise awareness of the JBL Quantum gaming headsets. For this event, we brought Twitch streamers and content creators xFibii, Eligella and the Focus gaming team on board to create a three-day programme at the JBL Store in Munich.

The content creators used their social media reach to invite their community to Munich. On site, we offered a lot of fun experiences such as gaming sessions or creative competitions. Fans were able to take photos with their streaming idols and experience all JBL Quantum products on hand.

By bringing the creators and products from the screen into real life, we transformed influencer marketing into a unique, unforgettable experience.