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Media usage is changing and with it its measures and communication channels: companies that appeal to Millennials and Generation Z can no longer avoid influencer marketing these days. According to a study by the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW), every fifth German has already bought products as a consequence of influencer activities.

We were one of the first agencies that were involved in the start and professionalisation of this new discipline and integrated it into the communication mix for our customers. This was not always easy, especially at the beginning we had to mediate between customers and social media influencers and balance their particular needs. The customer has to let part of their brand sovereignty go in order to get authentic, unique content and campaigns from his influencers. At the same time, influencers must understand the value and special features of the brand and incorporate them into the content creation. This way, authenticity, trust and identification with the brand are formed. And this is how we make influencers loyal to the brand.

For example justin.prince: for years we have been working with Justin for our customer JBL, in the meantime he has become part of the JBL Squad, a group of long-term influencers on behalf of the brand. For the launch of the local JBL Instagram channel we came up with something special for him.

In order to generate plenty of new followers, our team decided to launch the local Instagram channel with a big bang. We organized a private house party where Justin, who had started his DJ career a few months earlier, would perform. What a perfect match with the JBL brand which relies on brand ambassadors from the dance and DJ scene for international communication. Justin’s set was broadcast in a livestream on the new JBL channel. One living room, one influencer, a DJ desk, plenty of confetti and a small crowd of party guests. With these ingredients we set the house party on fire!

Justin’s announcements and posts about the campaign brought 250 new fans to the newly launched JBL website. The live broadcast made another 650 followers love JBL in less than an hour! As part of the activation, Justin produced additional content that JBL could use for posts and stories beyond the event and this way continuously expand its fanbase. Quite a lot of buzz for the brand new account JBLaudio_de.