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Integrated communication solutions and strategic marketing consulting from Rosenheim to the whole world. How does this work? With a network of partner agencies all over Europe. We offer our customers Europe-wide marketing, centrally controlled and with only one contact person.

For the international company Sharp, we are not only taking care of marketing and PR in DACH. As a lead agency, we manage and coordinate the PR activities in a total of five key markets of Sharp in Europe with partner agencies in the UK, Poland, France and Italy. Depending on the need, we can add other countries, such as the Benelux states, Spain or Portugal.   

Our tasks as a lead agency generally include coordinated press work on product launches at the European level. For the launch of the new Bluetooth speaker series from Sharp, for example, we developed a strategic marketing plan with supporting PR and marketing measures in the European key markets together with contacts from marketing and product management. 

This included the announcement of new products in a Europe-wide press release. Here, we not only took over the preparation of the press text but also oversaw the translation and release processes as well as the coordinated dispatch in the European countries. Sharp’s local contacts are also closely involved in the coordination process. According to the motto “think globally, act locally”, the content and delivery dates were adapted to the individual sales targets and product availability in the individual markets.

Thanks to our local international partners, we can reach our communication strategy to the individual needs and circumstances of each market. Our motto “Think globally, act locally”.

Another integral part of the strategic marketing plan was the placement of test products and the resulting test reports to support marketing and sales activities. In consultation with the customer, relevant key media were determined and equipped with a test sample of the new Bluetooth speakers.

The dispatch of test samples in Europe was also centrally controlled by us and our logistics partner. Our exclusive online dispatch portal enabled all agencies to independently access our external test sample warehouse and track all shipments. This allowed us to place 71 test samples across Europe and, within the shortest time, to realise numerous test reports and awards in relevant consumer tech and lifestyle media.